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In order to establish product quality and service supervision mechanism, ensure the effective use of products in the demand side, provide customers with excellent products and quality services, it is our duty to do a good job in after-sales service. Quality tracking service is our unshirkable responsibility. The company makes the following commitments to customers:

First, the enterprise quality management system requirements:

Quality policy: Market-oriented, continuous improvement of management, to meet the needs of different users with quality products and services is our unremitting pursuit.

Quality target: The product pass rate is 100%, the product pass rate is ≥98%; customer satisfaction is greater than or equal to 95%; the qualified performance rate is 100%.

Second, product manufacturing standards and quality assurance:

The company's products are strictly produced according to national standards, and customers have special requirements to produce according to customer requirements.

1. Pre-sales: Respond to customers' calls, letters, visits, and thoughtful service, and solve the technical problems raised by customers.

2, in the sale: During the production of the product, our company can invite relevant technical personnel to the company to carry out detailed information of the product, including the product data and product structure diagram and working principle. The main inspection work for the product is done within the company. Guaranteed in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract, according to quality, quantity, on time delivery. The company can provide relevant inspection criteria for customer confirmation.

3, after-sales: in order to cooperate with customers to further improve the after-sales service, maintenance and other service work.

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