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Zhejiang Huaxi Electronics Co.,LTD.

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Zhejiang Huaxi Electronics Co.,Ltd. is located at the foot of national famous place of Yandang Mountain and known as "China Electric Capital" Liushi,Wenzhou。It was founded in 1997 with a floor area of 400. sq.m and building area of 8600 sq.m At owns more than 100 staff including 16 engineers.

We produce kinds of pressure controllers,pressure transmitters,temperature controllers capillary thermostats,thermometers and gas temperature control values,which are widely applied in kinds of water pumps,electric water heaters ovens,washing machines ,plastic machinery,catering equipment,gas ovens,gas air-conditioning turkey pots,boiler pumps central air-condition heating,ventilation system and such control applications.

The company is development,production of metallized film capacitors.It is equipped with advanced production equipment and detection instruments. The products are of stable and reliable quality and widely used in fields such as communication,household appliances,power supply,green lighting,computer,industrial control,electric tool,auto-electronics,etc.

Since the foundation of the company,we have always insisted on the principle of paying equal attention to talents and products;absorbing experienced engineers and professional managing personnel. Basing on strict management,high technology,advanced mechanical facilities,perfect test technique,it can provide the users with high quality products and good after-sales service. The main products have been certified to CSA,VDE,CQC,CE and RoHS. The quality control system has been wholly carried out in conformiity with ISO. The products made by our company are used with those of famous domestic manufacturers. The Company has become the cooperation partner of foreign famous hrand OEM. The products are well sold all over China and also exported abroad,selling well around China and exported overseas.

With  the quality policy of "Constant,Innovation for Improvement",We follow "Faithful Business", stick to the operation ideology of "Double win with Faith" and continue as always to cooperate with new and regular customers for mutual development and brilliance.

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