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Electric heating stove controller

Service conditions of controller: temperature shall be -10℃+60℃, relative humidity shall be 45-95%; the grid voltage shall be 220V (-275V-165V), 50Hz. The functions are described below.

. Display

1. LED display of ambient temperature, heating temperature, measured temperature, timed on/off, real-time clock;

Ambient temperature, heating temperature, measured temperature, display range: 0℃99℃, accuracy ±1℃;

Set working temperature range: 20℃85℃;

Set heating gear range: 1~3 gears.

Clock, on/off time range for timing heating: 00 ~ 24.

Return difference range of starting heating: 5-20℃;

Starting temperature range of circulating pump: 10-60℃

2. Dynamic display of working status

a. Heater display: When turned on, the symbol of heating gear will be lit up.

b. Circulating pump display: The fan blades rotate when the pump is turned on and keep static when turned off. The words "forced service" will keep flickering when forced service is enabled.

c. Leakage display: The leakage code will flicker and display "LD" when a leakage is detected.

d. Timed on/off display: The symbols "timed on" or "timed off" will be displayed when the timed on/off is turned on.

Function description

1. Intelligent temperature control

If the working temperature is not set after power-on, the system will work at default temperature 50℃; if it has been set, it will work at set value. After starting up, if the controller detects that the heating temperature is lower than the return difference of set temperature, it will turn on the heating tube according to the set gear. When the detected heating temperature is equal to or higher than the set value, it will turn off the power supply and stop heating. When the temperature drops to 10below the set value, the heating tube will be turned on again to achieve a constant temperature in this way. The heating temperature difference can be adjusted manually and the adjustment range is 5-20℃.

2. Water-heating circulation

When the heating tube is turned on and the heating temperature is higher than the starting temperature of circulating pump, i.e. 50℃, the circulating pump will be turned on and perform water-heating circulation; when the temperature is lower than 45℃, the circulating pump will be turned off and the water-heating circulation will be stopped. This circulating temperature can be adjusted manually and the adjustment range is 10-60℃.

3. Timing function:

The system defaults to two daily timings. Timing 1: turn on at 10:00 and turn off at 14:00. Timing 2: turn on at 18:00 and turn off at 06:00. You can adjust the daily on and off time by pressing keys "Set" and "Up/Down" according to your needs. The timing function is effective only when the time setting is completed.

4. Leakage protection:

When the leakage current is detected greater than 15mA, the power supply will be cut off immediately to prevent human shock, and the display screen will display fault code and warning prompt. The controller can work normally only after rebooting and removal of the fault.

5. Antifreezing

When the controller is powered on, it defaults to startup state.

When the temperature is detected below 3℃, the heater starts to heat up.

When the temperature is detected to rise to 8℃, the heater stops heating.

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